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Juzvision  RX offers an extensive range of lens options. To view the available lens options, simply go to the Browse Lenses section on this website.

Key Information to download:

Non-Adaption policy for Progressive lenses

In the event that a patient is not able to adapt to their progressive lenses, replacement SV or Bifocals will be processed at no expense to you within 60 days of delivery date. Should the patient decide to try a different progressive lens, or a change in corridor length there will only be a charge if there is an upgrade to a more expensive lens option.

Professional Errors Policy for Progressive lenses

A courtesy discount of 50% of the RX cost including extras will be made on prescription lenses due to professional errors. (ie: power change, axis, add, PD and Hts).

To order a Non-Adaption or lab error remake of any kind. It is best to email  with details of what needs to be done and include patient Reference and original AU-number. we will confirm via email that we understand and if we have any questions we will contact you via Ph.